Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vodka 14

Vodka 14 is made by Altitude Spirits, an independent family-owned and operated spirits company in Boudler, Colorado.
The grains used are certified USDA Organic. Water is drawn from a certified source: Snake River aquifer. Vodka 14 is packaged in distinctive glass bottles, decorated using baked-on ceramic pigments in lieu of plastic labels. The bottle is sealed with a recyclable synthetic cork closure, which unlike natural cork or plastic will not taint the taste of the vodka. The safety seal is made from PETG, which is derived from recycled sources and is itself recyclable. In fact, every element in the Vodka 14 package can be recycled through most municipal recycling programs.

Vodka 14 uses a sophisticated four-column continuous distillation system. In a continuous distillation system the mash is heated until it becomes a vapor, rising towards the top of the still. As it rises, the vapor cools and condenses, cascading back down to the bottom and beginning the process anew. This cycle allows the mixture inside the column to be re-distilled continuously, whereas in a conventional still the vapors would pass into a gas state once and be collected.
After distillation, Vodka 14 is run through an advanced activated carbon and crystal filtration process before bottling.

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