Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Downslope Distilling

UPDATE 12/20/2010:
So, I've been interning at Downslope for a a month an a half or so now... its my home away from home. Learning lots. I've been scarce on blogging because I've been so busy with work and distilling, I have not had much downtime but realize I need to get it in gear and keep up on it. Promise I will. Back to the Bears game for now though.

UPDATE 8/19/2010:
It appears that DD using the Double Diamond 220 gallon still from Copper Moonshine Stills.
Pretty gal, ain't she?

Made in Centennial Colorado. Going to give them a jingle and see if I can do a tour.

I can't believe its here in my back yard.

They appear to do vodka, rum and whiskey with different infusings. I dig on the idea of purchasing my own personal mini-keg. gaahhhhh! There's some deal with a $300 membership to hand pick a bottle of my spirit of choice. double gaahhhhh!

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