Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Did you say GOLD??!!

UPDATE 8/24/2010:
As of December 2009 - this distillery was for sale... at least 50% ownership for $350,000.
From the ADI blog:
Distilleries For Sale
50% Ownership of Colorado Gold Distillery

The price for 50% ownership of Colorado Gold Distillery, LLC is a package cost of $350,000.

Currently there is a loan on the distillery of approximately $239,000. Our 1/2 of this liability is $119,500 and would have to be assumed by the buyer, reducing your cash at closing to approximately $230,500. At this time the loan payments are being paid by the distillery.

In addition if you are able to close within 90 days from signing a contract we will reduce the price by another $5,000 bringing your cash at closing to $225,500.

We cannot speak for our partners but if you are interested in purchasing 100% ownership of Colorado Gold Distillery, LLC, I would be glad to present them with an offer for their consideration.

This is a great investment in an established business that is on the leading edge of a craft distillery boom. We look forward to your future purchase of 50% ownership in Colorado Gold Distillery, LLC.

If you have looked into the craft distillery start up numbers you will recognize that $350,000 ($225,500 at closing) for 50% ownership in an established, working and growing craft distillery is a real BARGAIN.

A bARGAIN?! uhhh. ok.

Doug Tuttle

Craft Distilling Industry Booming!

The craft distillery industry will redefine the spirits world. Craft distilling will take spirits distilling to it's original roots when all spirits were small batch, craft distilled.

Unique and high quality spirits using a wide variety of local agricultural products will give people many different choices that they do not have at this time.

Craft distilling today is what craft brewing was 25 years ago. Craft distilling is about to explode onto the national spirits market. You can be a part of this grassroots industry.

To purchase the equipment, build up the distillery, build up a profitable retail store, bring in the inventories of raw materials, packaging, bourbon and bottled spirits a distillery like this would cost you upwards of $500,000. Before you ever sold a bottle of spirits.

If you add the marketing, promotion and a solid supportive base of 150 wholesale accounts the costs would be considerably more. Possibly doubling the original $500,000.

Finally it is a FUN business. A unique business people love to hear about and be part of. Craft distilling is truly a slice of Americana and a look back into our rich history.

er wait...

D-d-d-did you say C-c-CORN?!!?!

aww shucks. i loves corn whiskey.

and i loves gold.

now git off may propertay.
Cedaredge, Colorado

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