Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wry Moon | Corsair Artisan Distillery

Unaged Kentucky Whiskey

Pot Distilled from 100% Rye. This is a clear (White Dog) whiskey that is bottled, not aged in barrels. No distro in CO, but I have to get my hands on some. Characteristics listed include: Peppery, Spicy, Cereal, Full. Crafted for Cocktails. Interesting that a Straight Unaged Rye would have this character out of the run. They use a two distillation process with two stills. One two-fourty gal spitting low wines into a fify gal to distill into this madman. Very interested.

Hey, Tom Bulleit - I can see your recipe :)

No, seriously, your recipe is there inside the bottle. What were you thinking? perv.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Men's Journal Article on the White Dog

White Whiskey anyone? I like'm young...

Article from Men's Journal lists some to try, including the well known Rogue. I'm going to be finding more on these unaged - straight to the jug operations. I think there's something to be said for a product thats good enough to sell directly from the git-go.

"Whiskey Basics"

Click to Jump to article by Charles K. Cowderys"

Chuck givin' up some differences in "-y" vs. "-ey", white, green, bourbon, TN, KY, Scotch, Irish, Canadian, Japanese, Straight, Single Malt, blended, Corn, and a buncha other terms...

Makes me thirsty and sober feeling. Good job Chuck.

Death’s Door White Whisky � American Craft Spirits

Death’s Door White Whisky � American Craft Spirits

Unaged whiskey. A new trend for microDistilleries. Must. Drink. More.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to get started with your own distillery

The American Distilling Institute - Down n Dirty article

Love this except:

In most cases you are going to have to work at it to make some cash. But, know this, no matter what, the feds (and your state) WILL PROFIT, but that does not mean that you will.

Buffalo Trace White Dog (New Make Whiskey) - Spirits - Chowhound

Buffalo Trace White Dog (New Make Whiskey) - Spirits - Chowhound

Using Buffalo Trace as an excuse to discuss the practicality of "micro-distilleries" (craft distillers) ain't a bad idea at all. White Dog aye? I'm in. Loves the corn whiskey. Loves the Buffalo (and Pappy Van Winkle). Articles damn straight with reasoning. New micros needs the income and with no aging and no wooding - you'd have to have a pretty damn straight product. If you can make a good white dog, the wooded, aged spirits should naturally take on more complex character, and a more enjoyable drink. In theory that is.

Whiskey 101 � Busa's Bar

Whiskey 101 � Busa's Bar

Pretty cool little writing that tries to simplify some of the distillation jargon. I don't know that I totally agree with the generalization of the tasting note profiles... but correctly identifies that there are differences. Environment has a lot to do with it too which wasn't covered but all in all, this is just a fun piece to read.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

High spirits | Cover Story | Colorado Springs Independent

High spirits | Cover Story | Colorado Springs Independent

This is a pretty good article covering Stranahan's, Montanya, Leopold Bros and Peach Street distillers.

Montanya, in Silverton at 9300 feet is the highest altitude distillery in the US. They make dark and light rum with honey instead of molasses... mmm, sounds good to me. I appreciate this following quote from the article:
"At altitude, you get a lot of temperature variation, from 45 degrees at night up to the 80s during the day when distilling, which forces the spirit in and out of the oak," he says. That means a slightly quicker turnover time to acquire the barrel's taste enhancement."

Peach Street quote from this article reads:
"I go pick what I want," says head distiller Davy Lindig. "[A product] is always better when you can get it from the source."

Not only does Peach Street use post-mashed sticks, skins and stems from nearby Debeque Canyon Winery to make Grappa, but it uses fresh fruit for a line of Eaux-de-Vie (fruit brandies); local juniper berries, herbs and spices for its gin; and not-too-distant Olathe sweet corn for its vodka and bourbon.

Leopold Bros' Todd states:
"the laws are more favorable for craft distilling out here."

The 16 hand-numbered, small-batch products they're currently selling, including a gin, vodka, rum and several real fruit-infused whiskeys, represent only a portion of drinks Todd knows how to make.

Due to odd and antiquated Michigan liquor laws, Todd says, "once we started distilling, I had to stock the whole back bar. I couldn't even pick up the phone for triple sec or vermouth. I learned how to make it all."

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Double Diamond Distillery

Breckenridge, CO

no info... probably not open yet...

I also stumbled upon this:
On Monday, May 17, 2010, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for BRECKENRIDGE DISTILLERY. This trademark is owned by Double Diamond Distillery, LLC, 2 Royal County Ct., Pueblo, CO 81001.

The correspondent listed for BRECKENRIDGE DISTILLERY is JOSEPH D. BOWER of BANNER & BOWER, P.C., 503 N. MAIN ST., STE. 221, PUEBLO, CO 81003 . The BRECKENRIDGE DISTILLERY trademark is filed in the category of Wines and Spirits Products . The description provided to the USPTO for BRECKENRIDGE DISTILLERY is Distilled Spirits.


*scratches head...* hmmm...

Peak Spirits

Hotchkiss, CO

USDA-certified organic and some Demeter-certified Biodynamic® spirits. Grown, fermented, and distilled all by the same people. They use 'caprock' formations in the Grand Mesa for their water sources which are remnants of the lava flows that once spread across the region. Their high elevation and basalt composition creates an ideal source of naturally filtered, soft, fresh water.

Montanya Distillers

Silverton, Colorado

Take a look at this site and tell me you don't want to go ski the steeps and hang out at this joint. I'm not a huge rum fanatic, but do remember drinking several poor quality rum and cokes during spring break hijinks down'n Flawdah. Master distiller's a brainiac. The owners are apparently affluent and the hoity-hoiteyness of this story makes me wanna puke. I'd still drink it though.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mystic Mountain

Larkspur, Colorado
My Favorite local label... no mistaking what it is.

I gotta grabba bottle.

Peach Street Distillers

The Goat - Made with Olathe Sweet Corn.

We're what you'd call an artisanal distillery, which of course makes us artists, serious craftsmen, if you will. Manufacturing tasteless, odorless vodka from potatoes doesn't interest us, it's just not fun. If we were going to do that, we might as well just make gasoline. We use a custom-made, copper, German pot still to create The Goat. Our secret behind the Goat's character, you ask? Olathe Sweet Corn. Olathe Sweet Corn, and our Head Distiller, Davy Lindig.
Palisade, Colorado

el magico and I drank the heck out of "Colorado's first legal Bourbon". Although we dispute whether or not it can really be considered "bourbon" - we can say one thing for sure - it's very good. The first night it was opened, we killed off about 60% of the bottle. VERY drinkable. Shame the bottles so small :S I have no tasting notes, just blurred memories and an empty bottle.

Syntax Spirits

Syntax Spirits, LLC
1409 E. Olive Court, Unit A
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Class 'V' Vodka: TBD/Not yet in production... not much on the website either. A couple college kid braniacs with brewing and distillery experience gettin ready to make some new craft spirits :)

Class V is our first vodka offering, and its name is a nod to the spectacular whitewater on the Wild and Scenic Poudre River where we get our tasty mountain water. It’s made from 100% USDA certified organic wheat, and nothing else. The result is a clean, smooth drinking, Russian-style vodka. Even if you can’t boat Class V, you can still drink it!

Colorado Pure Distilling

Pat Karns? I'm apparently drinking too much er i'da known about these here folks. i'm getting both more proud of colorado and more disappointed in myself!! Go Avs!

Pat Karns [one of two owners] likes to win. He handles the business side of the operation. During the time Pat was affiliated with the United States hockey team, the team won the silver medal at the 2002 Olympic Games. Pat also had the pleasure of serving as head athletic trainer for the Colorado Avalanche during which time they won the Stanley Cup twice.

At Colorado Pure Distilling, LLC, one batch is six cases, each containing twelve 750ml bottles. One run is also the minimum order for our private label customers. Of course, we can handle larger orders with multiple runs. But we'll still create them one batch at a time. And while the batches are always small, the personalization is always extensive. We touch everything during the distillation process. Nothing is automated. We even hand-carry the mash and product from one step to the next.

Colorado Pure Distilling LLC is one of just two micro-distillers in the world using a glass finishing still. Glass finishing stills eliminate the impurities imparted by traditional metal stills, and make it easier to identify and draw off any remaining impurities as they appear.

Did you say GOLD??!!

UPDATE 8/24/2010:
As of December 2009 - this distillery was for sale... at least 50% ownership for $350,000.
From the ADI blog:
Distilleries For Sale
50% Ownership of Colorado Gold Distillery

The price for 50% ownership of Colorado Gold Distillery, LLC is a package cost of $350,000.

Currently there is a loan on the distillery of approximately $239,000. Our 1/2 of this liability is $119,500 and would have to be assumed by the buyer, reducing your cash at closing to approximately $230,500. At this time the loan payments are being paid by the distillery.

In addition if you are able to close within 90 days from signing a contract we will reduce the price by another $5,000 bringing your cash at closing to $225,500.

We cannot speak for our partners but if you are interested in purchasing 100% ownership of Colorado Gold Distillery, LLC, I would be glad to present them with an offer for their consideration.

This is a great investment in an established business that is on the leading edge of a craft distillery boom. We look forward to your future purchase of 50% ownership in Colorado Gold Distillery, LLC.

If you have looked into the craft distillery start up numbers you will recognize that $350,000 ($225,500 at closing) for 50% ownership in an established, working and growing craft distillery is a real BARGAIN.

A bARGAIN?! uhhh. ok.

Doug Tuttle

Craft Distilling Industry Booming!

The craft distillery industry will redefine the spirits world. Craft distilling will take spirits distilling to it's original roots when all spirits were small batch, craft distilled.

Unique and high quality spirits using a wide variety of local agricultural products will give people many different choices that they do not have at this time.

Craft distilling today is what craft brewing was 25 years ago. Craft distilling is about to explode onto the national spirits market. You can be a part of this grassroots industry.

To purchase the equipment, build up the distillery, build up a profitable retail store, bring in the inventories of raw materials, packaging, bourbon and bottled spirits a distillery like this would cost you upwards of $500,000. Before you ever sold a bottle of spirits.

If you add the marketing, promotion and a solid supportive base of 150 wholesale accounts the costs would be considerably more. Possibly doubling the original $500,000.

Finally it is a FUN business. A unique business people love to hear about and be part of. Craft distilling is truly a slice of Americana and a look back into our rich history.

er wait...

D-d-d-did you say C-c-CORN?!!?!

aww shucks. i loves corn whiskey.

and i loves gold.

now git off may propertay.
Cedaredge, Colorado

New Deal Distillery

New Deal - Portland, Oregon

They have a nice blogroll and list of distilleries in the Oregon Distillers Guild. the thing i dig about this site is now they show their equipment and describe their process in four pages. very simple and clean information. make you feel really "in the know" about what their product is. not something you get from just any distillery. they create no mystique - they present transparency on many levels. pretty refreshing in this day and age.

Newspaper Fail

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vodka 14

Vodka 14 is made by Altitude Spirits, an independent family-owned and operated spirits company in Boudler, Colorado.
The grains used are certified USDA Organic. Water is drawn from a certified source: Snake River aquifer. Vodka 14 is packaged in distinctive glass bottles, decorated using baked-on ceramic pigments in lieu of plastic labels. The bottle is sealed with a recyclable synthetic cork closure, which unlike natural cork or plastic will not taint the taste of the vodka. The safety seal is made from PETG, which is derived from recycled sources and is itself recyclable. In fact, every element in the Vodka 14 package can be recycled through most municipal recycling programs.

Vodka 14 uses a sophisticated four-column continuous distillation system. In a continuous distillation system the mash is heated until it becomes a vapor, rising towards the top of the still. As it rises, the vapor cools and condenses, cascading back down to the bottom and beginning the process anew. This cycle allows the mixture inside the column to be re-distilled continuously, whereas in a conventional still the vapors would pass into a gas state once and be collected.
After distillation, Vodka 14 is run through an advanced activated carbon and crystal filtration process before bottling.

Boulder Distillery & Clear Spirit Company (Viezbeck 303 Vodka)

From their site: 
Master disitller, Steve Viezbicke of Boulder Distillery and Clear Spirit Company has a unique ability to see the potential of reclaimed materials. He has created all the equipment in the distillery, allowing us to stay green, in our commitment to the environment. Coming a long way from a pressure-cooker/still in his garage, Steve fabricated "Big Bertha". Bertha is a 100 gallon, stainless steel vessel, topped by a valved reflux still head. Using Colorado grown potatoes and Indian Peaks Spring water. Steve has created a unique vodka unlike any other.

Check out more on their site about Big Bertha. Good pics of building a cooking coil.


2,200 bottles in the latest batch to be bottled; Batch 59. I know I've enjoyed a few of the previous batch samplings myself :)

Tours are offered Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5 pm. Sign up for a tour at the Tours page.


Roundhouse Spirits

They proudly distill a uniquely descriptive Gin and a Coffee Liquour. Based out of Boulder/Longmont.

Downslope Distilling

UPDATE 12/20/2010:
So, I've been interning at Downslope for a a month an a half or so now... its my home away from home. Learning lots. I've been scarce on blogging because I've been so busy with work and distilling, I have not had much downtime but realize I need to get it in gear and keep up on it. Promise I will. Back to the Bears game for now though.

UPDATE 8/19/2010:
It appears that DD using the Double Diamond 220 gallon still from Copper Moonshine Stills.
Pretty gal, ain't she?

Made in Centennial Colorado. Going to give them a jingle and see if I can do a tour.

I can't believe its here in my back yard.

They appear to do vodka, rum and whiskey with different infusings. I dig on the idea of purchasing my own personal mini-keg. gaahhhhh! There's some deal with a $300 membership to hand pick a bottle of my spirit of choice. double gaahhhhh!

Kanon Organic Vodka

Kanon Organic Vodka article at The Choice Ecologist

Wheat and Water. Nothing else. Ever.

aye thar skool boyee - u wanna lern howta distil?

learnin how ta distill skool fer fancy pants

from the LA Weekly blogs

American Distilling Institute 2010 Conference

High West seems a bit more overpriced now than it did before it was publicly acknowledged that they don't distill their own product. Its Canadian. They simply bottle it, in Utah. Please! I've never been to Utah (and of course I'm only poking fun) but what does a Mormon know about distilling anyway??!

clickie to readie

American Distilling Institute 2010 Conference article on WhiskyIntelligence.com

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Sober times for artisan liquor makers

Thursday, August 12, 2010

name that tune

From -merdblog-