Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Colorado Pure Distilling

Pat Karns? I'm apparently drinking too much er i'da known about these here folks. i'm getting both more proud of colorado and more disappointed in myself!! Go Avs!

Pat Karns [one of two owners] likes to win. He handles the business side of the operation. During the time Pat was affiliated with the United States hockey team, the team won the silver medal at the 2002 Olympic Games. Pat also had the pleasure of serving as head athletic trainer for the Colorado Avalanche during which time they won the Stanley Cup twice.

At Colorado Pure Distilling, LLC, one batch is six cases, each containing twelve 750ml bottles. One run is also the minimum order for our private label customers. Of course, we can handle larger orders with multiple runs. But we'll still create them one batch at a time. And while the batches are always small, the personalization is always extensive. We touch everything during the distillation process. Nothing is automated. We even hand-carry the mash and product from one step to the next.

Colorado Pure Distilling LLC is one of just two micro-distillers in the world using a glass finishing still. Glass finishing stills eliminate the impurities imparted by traditional metal stills, and make it easier to identify and draw off any remaining impurities as they appear.

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