Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dry Fly Distilling School

Dry Fly

For $1500, you can get a Two Day Basic distillation class that can be tailored to your specific needs, but is primarily focussed on:
  • Grain Handling and Mash Preparation
  • Fermentation
  • Stripping runs
  • Rectification
  • Finish distillation

A One Week Complete distillery operational class is available for $3500. Again, it can be tailored to specific needs but includes the following:
  • Raw material selection and milling
  • Wash House operations including mashing, enzyme use, mash QC and testing, efficiency evaluation
  • Fermentation operations including yeast preparation and fermentation management and evaluation,
  • Stripping runs on the 450 liter CARL stripping still including still operation, cooling and steam management, and sensory evaluation.
  • Finishing still operation including rectification, Alembic distillation, fraction cuts, and efficiency evaluation.
  • Filtering Operations
  • Gauging and TTB reporting procedures
  • Product finishing
  • Product packaging operations
  • Whiskey storage and barrel options
  • Tasting room operation
  • Sales and Marketing small production spirits
  • Business Planning

Kinda pricey. Doesn't include all meals, transportation, or lodging but you can view functional Whiskey and Vodka distillation in on week with hands on experience while getting a bit of schooling on operational support. Pretty cool.

Class costs do not include transportation, lodging, meals (we provide lunch only), or incidentals. Dry Fly will work with participants on securing suitable accommodations. All classes will be done on an individual basis. Should two participant wish to take the class together, the second participant will pay 50% of the full class price. No more than two participants per class. Classes require a 50% deposit to secure a date. The remainder of the class fee is due prior to the start of the class at the distillery.

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